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dailies -> lament -> gjallerhjorn before maintenance! | pantheon on saturday

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Scrype - Mage

Scripezor - Druid

Scripetwo - Priest

Knüppler - Warrior

Scripeh - Hunter

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Nickname: Scripe
Age: 25
Country: Turkey (moved recently from Germany)
Occupation: Part-time Software Developer / MoS student in CS

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Thanks to everyone who support the stream either by donating/subscribing/watching !

Also if there's any cryptolads out there here's my nano address:

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1.Why do you no longer play Shadow Priest?
Because Mage is easier to play and generally more viable.

2. Do you plan on going back to SP?

3. Are you German or Turkish?
I immigrated to Germany when I was 7 and have returned to Turkey with 25. So I know both languages but I was born in Turkey.

4. Is Roger not being there for next Tier gonna affect the world first race?
Yes but i believe, we can manage.

5. Why do you not answer questions from next tier?
Because I don't want to leak any important tactics. But I plan on streaming the tactics for each boss after the tier.

6. Are you going to stream next tier?
Probably yes, with no microphone. I might however not turn it on if the race looks very tight and the stream takes my focus away.