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About me
I'm the GM/RL of Limit. I'm a former Systems Engineer and Professional Singer(Classically Trained). I Stream full time now and answer most questions in chat.

Business/Coaching Email: [email protected]

PO box
Max Smith
9462 Brownsboro Rd #337
Louisville KY 40241

Here is my Twitter

Sub Benefits -

  • No Ads
  • Lit Emotes
  • Discord -
  • If you are a frequent chatter in the stream you cannot change your twitch color.

If anyone wants to reserve an hour or more of 1 on 1 raid leading or tank coaching message me on Discord.

Channel Rules

  1. No weeb shit
  2. Dont say LUL
  3. I will never ban anyone for flaming me or having a different opinion.
  4. Dont Spam

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Accepts CC/Paypal. All funds go to making me alive

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Zawartość panelu

Stream Everyday at 4 PM CST

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Limit owns

Merch -

Computer specs

Mouse - Swiftpoint Z

Keyboard - Bloody B975

Main monitor - Benq 2420

CPU - I7 6900k