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My name is Nikodem, I am a 24 years old student living in Poland. In my spare time I also work in a motorcycle dealership in Warsaw (Motorcyclist for life:)). I’ve been playing MOBA and RTS games for at least 10 years, and I am always trying to play at the highest level. Some of my recent achievements:

One of the top Grandmasters in Heroes of the Storm (I have participated in and won several tournaments)

Played in a few professional teams, for example Alternate Attax

Hearthstone : Legend

Best Paladin in PVP in World of Warcraft on Ravenholdt server

One of the top challengers in League of Legends in Season 3 and 4

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Donations will improve my stream, I am going to invest in a better streaming rig and equipment, and I am planning on doing some giveaways in the future. Donations are not refundable

TOP 10 Donator's :

  1. PrzyjemnyJanusz: 1722.65 $ !!!

  2. Borysov: 1030.00 $!!!

  3. GanjaMaster16: 767.00$ !!!

  4. Sl3v1ns: 685,62 $ !

  5. Admen 683,18 $ !

  6. Ryuga_Kishatu: 661.82 $ !

  7. Grabzzky 596.00 $

  8. Chilliosek 491.00$

  9. Flecz4h 249,00 $

  10. Tyrksik: 242,94$

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Przy zakupie na g2a z kodem GLU 3% cashbacku:

Heroes 3

Diablo 3 RoS



Kodzik : LOVEHUT023

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If you Subscribe my channel :

-You get Hammer badge next to your nickname on my chat

-You're supporting my channel, it helps me to stream way more and improve it

-Double/Triple luck on giveaways

-Sub Games

-Unique Sub Emotes

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Donations via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Paysafecard, Bitcoin. Donations are not refundable

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