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Advertising - the way to promotion

One of the main problem of indie games or games made by small cooperation groups, companies is the promotion - witch could be mostly expensive. It is not easy to advertise indie game and that is why we would like to support your business, no matter big or small. Our network is ready to present your games to dozen of thousand people on livestreams and hundreds of thousand videos on Youtube. The process of creating your own game often is based on platforms such as IndieGoGo or Kickstarter- we are ready to promote shares of fund-raising and development projects. Advertising indie games is at your fingertips. Your game may be displayed or accurately described on our network affiliated channels on Twitch, and Youtube or Hitbox - that is why we get a variety of content, we guarantee our viewers and users of interesting titles and You as developers receive greater exposure and sound around your production!

Who are we and why you should work with us? is a place where users can find many popular people presenting different games using the so-called Livestream, where matches are shown live on such platforms as Twitch or Hitbox. We associate over 40 popular Polish artists on YouTube and presenting live games through stream portals. In total, we reach nearly 3 million subscribers on Youtube in Poland, over a million people on Facebook and nearly a million people subscribed channels on Hitbox and Twitch. Underneath you can find a some people from our network, click the avatar, or the name to go onto their profile on YouTube, Twitch or Hitbox.

Our website is visited, by more than 360 000 unique users and displays an average of 4,000,000 times per month. We are presenting tech gadgets, games, and announcements of upcoming titles - for the best promotion of your game you are more than welcome to contact us for best support either via email or Skype conversation. We belive that this is a right reason to present your game HERE, isn't it?

Offer for small indie developers

Small game and productions of small businesses often do not have considerable funds on advertising campaigns, that is why we are offering you the opportunity to present your games on our network, YouTube channels and livestreams conducted at Twitch or Hitbox. Your title may also displayed in the form of news on our portal Creating a group of affiliated under the logo and the Creating a group of affiliated under the logo and the website we can reach to a large number of users - by contact us using the address provided below, we may provide your games to our network members. As a result of that, your title will be presented on LIVE or on YouTube for few thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people, it's almost free way to contribute to the advertising of your production. Our offer refer to the possibility of presenting your titles in our network depending on polish-level of your games – we do not present demos, and "the power" of advertising mostly depend on the quality of the presented titles. We are ready to promote the games, which in the form of press releases or a complete versions, we can test it. The more interesting, more original, better Your production is made that we will try to ensure its greater exposure through news, game players , presentations and competitions conducted live! Who knows... maybe Your game is an undiscovered gem on the gaming market, which needed to complete happiness only by notoriety. We can assure that :-)

Commercial offer

The usual presentations and news about your production is not enough? Contact us for commercial purposes. We offer advertising space on the portal, discussion forum, putting your production in regular competitions on LIVE channels. Using commercial offer you can secure a long-term presentation and promotion of your titles on channels such as RockAlone, SouShibo, GrabaGra or Yuuhi. Reaching a total of 3,000,000 subscribers on YouTube our network can make a solid advertising support through the presentation, gameplays or reviews - commercial version will allow the advertising of your title in a much larger form than the one-off presentations. Instead associated in our network, developers can create a series of gameplays or present the game on LIVE for many days. More strict conditions for cooperation, we can determine through our email, contact - form of cooperation is ‘open’ - we are able to determine different ways of cooperation and compensation.


We care about the contact safeties! If anyone of you, as a developer, received an invitation from us to work together - you can confirm our data below: The sender address must be the same with the one which is given below.

We will answer all your emails regarding cooperation with us, If you write to us for the first time - try to get in the title indicate the name of the game, in the description given form of cooperation and present your title. The more data we receive us about your games, the easier it is for us to manage people who want to promote Your production.

This significantly facilitate our work on the promotion of your games :-)

Translated by Piotr “Lenart” Lenartowicz